About Us

Our Story

We started out as a college project with the simple objective of bringing back the fun in learning. After receiving rave reviews and gaining podium positions in several start- up competitions, the idea for the gamification of learning grew into Borad EduGames. We are an educational gaming company which focuses on board games as a tool for game based learning.

Our Goals

  • Borad EduGames is a line of educational board games aimed directly at students to enhance their knowledge through the use of interactive thought provoking board games.
  • We believe that learning should be not only educational, but also fun.
  • Our mission is to enhance the education system to increase enthusiasm among students to learn about various subjects.

To reach these goals, we have created a whole line of games based on different subjects. So far, we have 4 games in the market, games based on Geography, History, English and Mathematics.

Our most popular game is Zoozone Adventurer, the geography based board game, but in all fairness, it is our first one and has been selling the longest, so naturally it has an edge over the other games, that have just recently been launched.

These games help children in learning because it makes them comfortable with subjects and concepts they otherwise may fear. From an early age, in primary and secondary school, if a child does not catch up in a particular subject, they end up fearing it throughout their schooling life and that reflects in their grades. 

We also have chemistry, EVS and other subject games in the pipeline which will be out in the near future. 

We are trying to change that by showing how learning can be fun too, and bringing back some joy and fun into a school life that students usually find mundane.